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I have noticed some of the posters are echoing sentiments of the past and injecting scriptures as if to say “God is on our side” then they wonder why people call them hateful.  The other side is not any better with their in-your-face attitude.  No one likes to be forced to accept anything.  Great leaders of the past, such as Gandhi, and Dr. Martin Luther King used peaceful means to make their point.

Even though America has made great strides, we have never completely resolved our differences when it comes to race, religion and sexual orientation, leaving room for extremes on both sides to keep the pot stirring.

We have not come far from the 1800s when ads for John Adams, read” Adams and God, or Jefferson and no God”.  The very fact Mitt Romney had to make a speech to convience the American public, that his faith would not influence his presidential decisions is unbelievable.  This is the same man that said he would not let Muslims serve in his cabinet.  Well, maybe Secretary of Transportation. I thought it was a good speech, except when Romney  quoted Adams to make his point to the Evangelicals.  He misquoted Adams , “our constitution was made for a moral and religious people” because Adams separated morals and religion.  Being an intolerant and exclusionary can apply to both atheist and Christian,so if elected, Romney will have to represent all the people.

Yesterday, Mike Huckabee said.  “If a man tells me, he does not wear his religion on his sleeve, then that man has no faith”. (Sic)  That angered me, because that is being judgmental.

He can not tell me that ,the values instilled in me years ago, cannot subconsciously be the driving force of my decisions; just because I do not wear my religion on my sleeve.

There is a fear among some Christians that America is becoming too secular.  They cite the removal of prayer in school and making Roe v. Wade law as proof.  Several pundits have hyped their fear by taking isolated incidents and exaggerating them as the norm. I think America is much more multicultural now, than it was in the 1950s so the “The leave it to Beaver Christmas” is a thing of the past in some areas.  Christians make up about 80% of the population and rising, so their fears are not valid.

From time to time, extremists will try and remove God from the pledge of allegiance , from our coins and from the public domain in general.  Courts have decided with tradition every time, so they remain.  Extremist will also try to defy federal and state law, such as in the Mary Schiavo and Judge Moore case.

Religion will always be a big part of this great country, but sometimes it needs its checks and balances.