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Today,political correctness (PC) is a tool that social conservatives like to use as a license  not to offend.  They seem to blame society or the left for holding them back.

The way, the term political correctness is being used today, came about in the 1990s to downplay socials changes, when talking about race religion a gender.

In this and age, I  almost never hear Democrats, Independents, liberals or progressives use this term.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s that term was used by the new left feminist movement to mock the “anti-pornography movement” efforts to define “feminists’ sexuality”.

Labeling people and putting people into a special category is a tool of political correctness.

1.   Their opponent’s views are dismissed, because they come from a special group.

2.   Personally I think social conservatives use labels as a defense mechanism.

3.   Without labels, social conservatives would actually have to give some thought as to  describe the person they are debating.


About 10 years ago, my old company made us go to several classes on “a Matter of Respect”.  During one of these classes an old-timer asked “How do we address the new female employee” the answer, call her Janice.  The old-timer was confused over at the Ms, Mrs., and miss terms.  Political correctness prevented the old-timer from using the mannerisms he had used for ages.  Another example happened back in the 1970s, when my company hard it’s first African-American.  Same political correctness question, but with a different twist.  My coworkers specially wanted to know how we describe our new worker.  “African-American or black?”  The suitable answer was to listen to how he describes himself.

I know that people dislike political correctness ,because it makes them feel awkward, and it makes him feel like they have to accept the new social change.  They feel as though they’re losing some of their power.

The social conservatives won the political correctness battle against the Dixie Chicks  saying talking bad about their president, on foreign soil, and during time of war is down right unpatriotic. The Dixie chicks, career was nearly ruined.  Now these same social conservatives lost when they tried to label dissenters as being. Unpatriotic, so political correctness can move both ways rapidly.  Who knows, perhaps in ten years the left will use his term as a tool.

*a major portion of the facts used came from Wikipedia.