• Hello sanwichh

    Must be my reading comprehension but I don’t know
    If you are talking about liberalism or the Democratic party.
    But I won’t let that stop me….lol

    Other than Alan Colmes I have never heard the party say Jesus
    was a liberal. To associate Jesus to an ideology would be wrong.
    I have said both ideologies have a great platform but how do
    govern with those principals. I mentioned compromise without
    giving up principal.

    Want to know why the Democratic Party changed? Why southern
    Dem’s turned into Republicans? It started in the 1960’s right after
    The Civil Rights Bill, look up the “southern strategy”.

    We have a progressive tax system that is based on tax brackets.

    Who are the people going to trust in New Orleans someone who brings
    where plight in national debates or those that simply ignores them.

    IMO the GOP is currently made of two groups.
    1) Theocrats: This small group wants to take their faith and impose it
    And impose it on government. (Terry Schiavo)
    2)Ecomic royalist: These are the wealthy CEOs that do not to be told
    what to do by government. They despise the IRS.EPA,OSHA and the Federal
    Labor Board.

    I wish the Dem’s wound adopt Carville’s old slogan and modify it to say
    “It’s the middle class stupid”.

    November 6, 2007 at 9:59 a.m.