• Point by point.
    1)If drugs come in from Mexico they will not add on any tax and the dealer will not add a tax to his customers so the product
    dealers and customers will still remain in this underground economy. Where they will pay is where sales tax is normally
    collected so no added bonus there except for the extra 23% the dealer pays for bags and other supplies.
    2)Not completely true ,it is a fact some  illegal workers do pay payroll taxes but now they will pay the extra 23% to the feds. They had
    to pay state sales tax.
    3)Saving is a habit and cannot be enticed. Each year the EITC is paid out to the working poor and not much is saved.  In fact Americans
    do not save as a whole.
    4)I always increased my before tax 401K  to soften the blow of overtime wages.
    5)GMC  just lost $39 billion this quarter ,think they are reducing prices? How about  housing ? It's a two way street consumers need
    goods and if you don't buy that 23% will go up to feed the  federal budget.. Got to buy the latest weapons and defense systems.
    6)The IRS will have to do the enforcement  since congress gave them that right.

    You must not have read the bill because it states that those people under $15,000 will be exempt plus they will get a prebate each
    month based on members in the household.

    November 7, 2007 at 3:36 p.m.