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 I met a long time friend of mine who happens to be a self proclaimed social conservative. After 30 minutes of the usual catching up, he hit me with a statement I wish the Democrats would answer aggressively and with clarity. I knew he got his talking point from the right wing blogs but it gave me the opening I wanted. He said “Now that the surge is working why don’t the Dem’s admit they were wrong”. First of all we cannot judge this surge on one months decline in body counts. Secondly this has been the deadliest year and we still do not have a political resolution.  Everyone expected that additional 28 thousand troops would help quell the violence until the parties regrouped. Does the decline in deaths include the ethic cleansing by the Shiite Militia or the 2 million Iraqis that have fled Iraq? Probably not. Iraqi recruiting is down in Iraq so can our troops leave the cities they stabilized? Probably not.

Kudos to our military I never doubted them.

Texas senator John Cornyn is calling on the Dem’s to acknowledge that the surge worked. Fine ,draw up a resolution claim victory and let’s bring some of our troops home and send the rest to Afghanistan, where they are needed.

Did I change the mind of my friend? No, because he said since I am retired I have more time to come up with answers. I took that to mean he didn’t want to discuss Iraq anymore; we ordered some drinks and continued our conversation, but this time about the Dallas Cowboys, Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs.