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If we don’t have a problem invent one and blame it on the far left, it’s like living in a world full of Bill O’Reillys or Billo wannabes.

I chuckle every time some one comes up with a story about an incident in let’s say Walla Walla, Washington and immediately place the blame on the far left. What were the abortion clinic bombings? Were they from the far right or a sick individual? I will go with the latter.Strange people on both sides of the spectrum and kudos for the MSM for not giving them airtime. I learned this in my early childhood "It's the exception rather than the rule".

I pick on Billo because these past two weeks he has been blasting movies such as Rendition,Redacted, and Lions for Lambs calling them anti-war and saying these movies embolden the enemy. Yet he is for torture, wonder how well that plays. Billo blames the far-left crowd. Now I have seen plenty of Vietnam movies and westerns that did not portray our military as knights in shining armor. Didn’t cloud my thinking. I would like to think that we are not that vulnerable to brainwashing?

The far-left Code Pinks, actors and others do say some out outlandish things but so did Pat Robertson and Jerry Farwell, a chuckle or two and we go on with our lives.

Now that it is pre- War on Christmas season on Bill O’Reilly, that show is getting pretty racy, with Bill having to show the smut to prove his point…lol.

My advice lets keep an eye on the bigger things that will affect our lives and use the things I wrote about for entertainment value. Speaking of that, I wish the writers would come back because Jon Stewart would put all this in its proper place.