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To me, it’s like water and oil they just don’t mix.

Let me clarify that statement. Politics by nature is about making back room deals and for the most part it is sleazy. On the other hand religion is about standing on principals for the good of mankind.

David Kuo wrote an interesting book called “Tempting Faith” that describes how the Bush administration lured in the conservative evangelicals by promoting faith-based agendas. In the end they money that was budgeted for the poor and other compassionate social programs was $20 million less than what the Clinton administration spent. David said Karl Rowe and others called the evangelical leaders “nuts”. To be fair the administration did appoint Justices Alito, and Roberts to the Supreme Court and Bush did veto two embryonic stem cell research bills. Quid Pro Quo?

The USA Today stated the Catholic Bishops just approved a slogan “faithful citizenship” it hammers home the “intrinsic evil” of abortion and reminds Catholic voters that their choices in the 2008 elections “also may affect” their salvation. It does not stop there because it is supposed to offer a “theological” not “ideological” framework for the voting Catholic. They go on to say that Catholics should not vote on a single issue but must also consider the candidates stances on the poor, heath care, education, environment, war in Iraq, and support for traditional marriages. They also say none of Catholic presidential candidates followed the Pro-Life stance. This what makes it difficult because as far as social issues, the parties are definitely split?

I quoted the Catholic stance but the evangelicals are no different.

Should religion have a say in the political process? Yes to a point, but some are at the edge where their tax exemption is at risk. If they want a seat at the table they should give up their tax exemption and register as a lobbyist.

That’s why my politics are secular. I look for intelligence first, and then does he/she support most of  my issues. This intelligence makes them seek like minded people for their administration. You avoid incompetence and everything falls in place.