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I am usually a private person and I seldom share a personal story but in this holiday season I will make this one exception.

Mother passed away this past July; probate was a couple weeks ago and now it the time for getting the house ready for sale.

Somehow I was appointed executor and all the work that goes with it because ,I am about the only one that did not leave for life in the big city. Rule number one leave the utilities on because if you are going to do inventory, you need to take your time. Remember the old savings passbook? Her writing was not that terrific but her addition and subtraction was right on the mark. Now I will have to go all over town withdrawing the $77.00 here and $212.52  there to make sure the heirs get everything down to the exact penny. Post and document.

My mom was a pack rat she kept everything like wedding and funeral announcements to little league game summaries if a family member was involved. Need an old TRS-80 or a 1960 car repair manual? It seems like all the grandchildren hit mom up for magazine subscriptions and we found all those birthday and Mothers Day cards from them.

If time is important to you, get a professional mover. The first day was about the family looking at old pictures and school year books. We were putting more things aside rather than loading the pickups. I was put on the heavier items, when my sister noticed I had put old quilt scraps in the trash can. My nephew said every dresser or piece of furniture was a valuable antique. I told him to give me $100 for each piece and he could make a fortune. He helped me load it for the Goodwill.

Goodwill has a no scratch rule on furniture before they will accept it and the Community Chest has no wobble rule, so we put the left over furniture on the curb for trash pickup. Neighbors came by and picked up the remaining furniture. They didn't have a rule.

We exchanged cell phone numbers and emails addresses because we know that we won’t be seeing each other as much anymore, because mom was the glue that kept it all together .