Blogs » Politcs Plus » Democratic debate in Vegas- a slugfest ?


If you wanted a bout, the first ten minutes or so was devoted to Obama and Edwards taking their best jabs at Hillary. If facial expressions count, then IMO her makeup did crack with all the pressure of her frowns, but, she was well rested and it did not seem to take her off her stride. Obama and Edwards tried to attack Hillary later in the debate but, they were booed which did seem to take the boys off their stride. For the remainder of the date it was about the issues.

Obama really confuses me because he can bring so much excitement and hope at a 10,000 seat fundraiser but in a debate he doesn’t bring that same fire in the belly. An example of that was how he answered the “driver’s license to undocumented immigrants” question. I couldn’t believe it because he answered that question the very same way Hillary fumbled that question two weeks ago.Obama did have a great moment when he challenged Wolf Blitzer for being a pessimist.

John Edwards was my initial favorite because of his populist stance. Edwards is letting the poll numbers drive him away from being the candidate of 2004 when he continued delivering a positive message and being above the fray.

The pundits said Hillary won the debate, in fact the Des Moines Register ran this headline “That’s why the lady is a champ”.

My one big disappointment was Hillary’s response to fixing social security. I turned 62 last Saturday and will be getting my first check in January so now it’s personal.

Anyway her reasoning for not raising the $97,500 FICA payroll amount to say $200,000 ....because it would be raising taxes on the middle class. That’s a GOP answer. A single taxpayer making $200,000 who is properly maxing out his/hers 401K won’t get my tears.

In the end all the candidates want to pull out the troops in Iraq, some sooner than others and all are for appointing Supreme Court judges that would not abolish Roe v Wade.