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First the Republican Party because it is still in sate of disarray since they don’t have a candidate that hits the 30% nationally. Giuliani is on top at 28% approval in the GOP primary.


Rudy Giuliani is the ultimate campaigner but Bernard Kerrick scandal may doom him.

But he is running a risky campaign of losing Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina and relying on Florida and Super Tuesday to propel him to the nomination.


Mitt Romney is taking the tradition route of spending heavily in the first two primaries thinking it will have a domino effect. Might work.


John McCain is relying heavy on New Hampshire and South Carolina if he is to have a chance and lately his poll numbers are creeping up but if he loses those two states he is a goner with no money.


Fred Thompson was on ABC Sunday and I have to agree with Nixon, this man is as dumb as a fence post. He wants to stay a close second and pick up the scraps as people start bowing out.


Mike Huckabee is one of this years surprise and he just might win Iowa but what then?

Not a lot of name recognition or money or the Evangelicals would have put their support behind  this candidate.


Ron Paul will have a good Iowa but if Hillary wins Iowa his chance is doomed because the New Hampshire voters will not expect Paul to beat Hillary in the general election.


Duncan Hunter? Less than 1% in some polls


Tom Tancredo is a one trick pony (illegal immigration) and he is at 1% using this campaign as his platform.


The Democratic Party

Their top tier candidates beat their GOP counterparts in just about all the head to head match-ups.


Hillary Clinton is the front runner and it shows on her stump speeches and debates.


Barack Obama falls farther behind when he tries to attack Hillary because that is simply not his style. He is the “Audacity of Hope” except when it comes to debates.


John Edwards is falling like a rock because he is in his trial lawyer mode instead of the populist candidate that made him John Kerry's choice for VP.


Bill Richardson playing his cards for VP.


Joe Biden has won all the debates IMO but cannot get the air time nor the money.


Chris Dodd excels in education but little else.


Dennis Kucinich see him run again in 2012 and get that 1%. He just wants the air time.


That’s how I see it.