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The latest ABC poll indicated that 74% of Americans thought this country is going in the wrong direction. So change will be the number one issue in this year’s presidential campaign.

The two major parties have distinct differences. The GOP by 75% wants a strong and experienced leader ,while the Dems by 75% want a leader that will have new ideas. A change candidate.

With the president’s approval at 30% and congress even lower, change is defiantly what American wants.

Barack Obama is warning us not to go back to the days of Bill Clinton’s war with the right-wing or George W. Bush’s hardheaded diplomacy. Meanwhile Hillary is saying “Change is just a word without the experience to change things”. (sic)

Compromising without giving up core principals is the key.


Senators Graham and McCain were on the Sunday talk shows wanting praise for General Petraeus stabilization of Iraq. He should be giving praise, but with caution because we have been down road before. (Mission accomplished) Now let’s hear the truth. What do we do now, Keep the 160,000 until April or draw down as many troops as possible to force the central government to start acting like a government? This is without saying that 62% of Americans say the invasion of Iraq was a mistake.


Send Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, James Baker and Kissinger for a sit down, drag out meeting to find out how we can avoid another costly war.

Tax Cuts

Let’s try a different approach, let’s target the forgotten middle-class.

This just a start and it should be easier to negotiate with the GOP, since Trent Lott is stepping down. Why are so many Republicans leaving office?