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Trent Lott announced his retirement yesterday and Dennis Hastert left today.

Trent probably wants to leave before the newly passed lobbyist bill takes effect in January of 2008. That bill requires a two year absence from office before a retired representative can work as a Washington lobbyist. Mr. Hastert did not enjoy his minority status.

The GOP insists that the 17 house members and 6 senators are just individual choices and has nothing to do with their minority status.

Whatever the reasons, losing two key senators like Trent Lott and Pete Domenici has got to hurt. Mississippi will be electing another Republican but without Trent’s clout.  Democratic Representative Tom Udall is way out in front of his GOP opponents in his quest to replace Senator Pete Domenici.

The GOP is seeking candidates with deep pockets because they are almost broke.

Compare the two parties.

Monies for    House seats         Senate seats

GOP                $2.6 million         $9.5 million

Democrats       $29 million          $23.4 million

That’s a huge hole to climb out of since the GOP has 21 senate seats to defend.

Right the Democrats goal of turning states like Virginia, Colorado, and New Mexico purple is working. They are winning in those states right now.

If I had to guess the reason for the current demise in the Republican Party, it would be perception. Their house leaders John Boehner and Roy Blunt are still closely associated with K Street, Jack Abramoff and Tom Delay. Remember scandals, not Iraq was the reason for the Dem takeover in 2006.

All the GOP has to do is go back to their fiscal conservative roots and I am pulling for them because divided government works.