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I was anxiously awaiting the commercial break because; I thought ABC and Fox network had merged. I later learned Sean Hannity asked George Stephanopoulos to grill Obama about his William Ayers/Weatherman connection. Why did Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos, go after Barack Obama for the first 50 minutes on issues like Reverend Jeremiah Wright, wearing a flag pin, William Ayers, and the condescending remarks to the blue-collar workers?

The debate seemed like it was five to one against Barack Obama, the two moderators, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and the GOP. This debate would have been better served on issues like health care, mortgage prices, Iraq war, and income taxes, instead of the gotcha politics, that was played last night by ABC.

Some might say that Barack Obama has been protected by the media and last night debate was a way for ABC to make amends. Others might say that this is just a sampling of what the GOP would throw at him. This was a Democratic primary debate, to help distinguish the candidates in the upcoming primary election. Plenty of time for a general election strategy. What did the potential voters of Pennsylvania get from this debate? Nothing, it was fodder for the GOP and John McCain.

After the debates, nearly all the pundits said Barack Obama looked frustrated and angry.

The man is only human, and he probably prepped all day on what he wanted to say about the economy, the Iraq war, health care and Social Security, only to be ambushed with the irreverent social questions, he has already answered.

The debate had its highlights. When Hillary added that Mr. Obama sat on the board with William Ayers, He reminded her that Bill Clinton pardoned two of the Weatherman.

I hope in the general election debate, Obama gives ABC, the same consideration he gives to Fox. Give CBS a shot ,Katie could use a ratings bump.