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John McCain was the guest of George Stephanopoulos yesterday and it was comical and revealing to say the least. McCain promised he was going to stay above the fray, but he just could not help himself by slamming Barack Obama for his ties, with William Ayers of the Weather Underground. He used political spin to say that Obama, compared conservative Republican Tom Coburn of Oklahoma ,who once said he would consider the death penalty to anyone that performed an abortion to William Ayers. Obama emphasized that  Tom Coburn's views were outside the mainstream, but he still continued a working relationship with him. Where does the line of "Guilt by association" end?Of course, talk radio, has picked up John McCain's talking points and are running on it. Now, when George Stephanopoulos asked McCain if he thought it was wrong for him to seek the support of John Hagee ;McCain said he repudiated his statements about the Catholic church and gays, and it might have been a mistake to seek his endorsement. In the very next sentence, McCain said he was glad to have the support of John Hagee. "I was for him, before I was against it."

This should have been any Republican's strong suit(tax cuts for the wealthy) but it  was badly mangled by Mr. McCain. John McCain pretty much said tax cuts were a priority over a balanced budget. He said Obama would triple the capital gains rate, which would hurt the poor fireman, policeman and the working-class. The capital gains rate only comes into play ,when you actually sell that stock. McCain emphasized the trickle down supply-side economics's playbook of "cutting taxes increases revenues." Sure at first, investors will cash in at the lower rate,but over the long haul studies show that the increased revenues do not continue.

McCain's health care plan ;calls for a couple that is on Medicare making more than $160,000 to pay for some of their premiums. Rightly so, George Stephanopoulos asked John McCain if that was a rate increase similar to a tax increase. McCain said it wasn't because it's coming from entitlements. Didn't he criticize Barack Obama for wanting to raise the cap on Social Security(entitlement) as a way to make that program solvent?

All in all, a good interview with George Stephanopoulos,  but he did not ask John McCain the hard questions like.

1)How will you pay for an extended stay in Iraq?

2)How does Iraq play into our economic woes?

3) When will you release your medical records?

4) Why won't you release your wife's tax returns since you filed, married filing separately?

Rest assure, Tim Russert will, if McCain makes it back on "Meet the Press."

John McCain has a lot of time on his hands, while Obama and Clinton continued to do battle. He should make good use of this time, to study economics or else Obama will bury him in the debates. John McCain already has two strikes on him going into the debate, because of the eight years of George W. Bushes failed policies.

The swing states won't be voting on flag pins or a $200 donation in 1994 by Wiiliam Ayers.