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This past Saturday, my wife and I had the pleasure of revisiting San Antonio after a long absence, because for me this lovely city was difficult to get around, even with a map.  My navigator of 40 years would mumble endlessly as she fidgeted with the map.  Combine my lack of a sense of direction and her not able to read a map, and you have the makings of a very unpleasant trip. This is why we avoided San Antonio, when we needed a big city,instead we opted for Austin or Houston.


Two years ago I bought "Microsoft Streets and Trips" packaged with a GPS system for my laptop. I used the system sparingly on our Chicago vacation, because of my laptop's battery constraint.  The GPS got us to the doorstep of our Hotel, but then we put it away, as we relied on city transportation and the L-Train to get us to our destination.


On October 2007, we decided that our final vehicle,would have GPS installed.

Since then, we have found our grandsons, remote apartment in Austin and to this day I can’t tell how we got to Hobby Airport ,and back to Victoria ,because we relied solely on the GPS. Saturday's San Antonio trip was a pleasure.  We got to see everything we wanted ,without the stress of being lost.