• Actually, Mike, I'm surprised that *anyone* in S. TX - or at least this "Coastal Bend" area - has any semblance of a "sense of direction.
    Having been transferred to the fine city of Victoria in '98 (It's where they said my paycheck would be arriving. I found it somewhat convenient to be in the vicinity.) I came from spending thirty plus years in central and westen OK. The latter twenty years of that tenure was spent at a job that required my driving nearly every freeway, highway, throughway and cow path in a state and area where 99% of the roads run north and south or east and west like God intended roads to run and you could count reliably on there being a roadway exactly one mile north, south, east or west of the one you were on.
    When I worked in OK directions to work sites were given as "turn North on Hwy XX for 5 miles then turn east on blacktop 2 miles then south into location." I found it somewhat odd at first that when I arrived here, similar directions would state "Take Hwy 59N to FM 447, turn left for 5 miles to CR XX, turn left 5 miles then turn right into location."  Now "back home" in OK those directions would put you right back where you started. Here, by some manipulation of the time/space continuum, it puts you somewhere east of Houston!
    Methinks whoever laid out and named the roads around here was drunk and had a seriously inoperative compass.

    April 23, 2008 at 6:58 p.m.