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It's supposed to mean "ready to entertain new ideas." but I suppose it refers to a topic that one is not familiar with ,because I geniunely think people are entrenched in their beliefs when it comes to religion and politics.


I'm a fan of New York Times columnist Tom Friedman and his latest book "The World is Flat.” The book is about being opened-minded and realizing that the internet has made this world smaller and more competitive. If the United States continues to rest on its laurels, we will find ourselves behind China and India in the world economy because cheap labor, and unfair trade policies are in their favor. We must find that next innovation to make other countries come to us for our expertise.  We must be open-minded to new ideas to achieve this. Our education and healthcare system are failing us, so status quo should not be acceptable. A favorite line of those opposing national health insurance is "look at Canada's plan."  Does that mean that it is impossible to improve on what may be the negatives of the Canadian Health Care Plan? Are private insurers doing everything they can to get everyone insured under their private policies?


I made the mistake yesterday of telling a poster (Sandwichh) that I was not open-minded.

Ron correctly said that I do not question sources coming from mainstream media to which he thinks is biased. I realize now, that some might take that literally, to mean I  am close minded on all issues.  I am open to new ideas and information on global warming, health care, Iraq war, income taxs, education, illegal immigration and now have a personal reason to make social security solvent in the years to come.  I had heard tirades and one-sided views of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and the likes  for years, so yes, my mind is made up, when it comes to them. On the left I am tired of Chris Matthew's generalities. For example in the year 2004, he went on and on about George W. Bush being a guy to stop on the side of the road to help you with a flat, as a reason the people voted for him. This year, he continues to say Barack Obama cannot do a pickup conversation at a breakfast diner, so he is not able to resonate with the voters. Why was Kansas made the model of what a normal voter should be? All the pundit used this model, leaving us to believe that pizza worker in New Jersey is not a normal voter.  I recommend MSNBC's  "Race for White House with David Gregory” for a fair in-depth analysis of politics. Yesterday's panel consisted of David Gregory,Rachel Maddow(Air America), John Harwood(WSJ), Joe Scarborough and Pat Buchanan.


Global Warming:

This past Earth Day, I was about to contribute an article I found about pumping CO2 underground and reusing it for commercial purposes ,but the second post, went to politics, and it ended with George Bush and Dan Rather.


Pumping CO2 underground brought to mind what Tom Friedman said about going green  "We must find a way to introduce father greed to mother nature."  Cap and Trade , Al Gore, and my scientist against your scientists are all political stalemates.  Oil companies and Al Gore arguments.


Health Care

Want government out of  our health care, then offer a solution to make Aetna  And Blue Cross less expensive


All the issues that divide us are just sitting there ,because no one is willing to compromise. I am not asking any one to give up their principals ,but to drop the “my way or the highway” method of doing business.