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I know you not were terrified of the Obama clock. It was rather pathetic watching Chris Wallace beg for your appearance every Sunday,It was like watching the high school nerd ,asking out the most popular girl, out for a date every week. What can you possibly gain by  going on the Jeremiah Wright, travel Channel?  Since it’s beginning, Fox’s viewers have voted, 88% for Republicans.  This 24/ 7 happy channel does want to hear your message of hope, because they are ecstatic with status quo. 81% of Americans think this country is going in the wrong direction, so it is easy to see where the other 19% get their news.  These viewers ,are the  28% that think George W. Bush is doing a good job.


Obama’s camp is well aware Fox’s all-out effort to discredit his candidacy.  Come on  Barack Obama , by appearing on Fox News Sunday, it will be a form of legitimacy, and it definitely will help their ratings. Perhaps Obama can do a Bill Clinton on Chris Wallace, that will be something to see.  I know there are some say that "If you can’t take the tough questions from Fox, how do you expect to defeat the terriost.”  That's the mentality of the people that ask that question, because Fox will not ask tough questions about the issues, they are more interested in the soundbites, they think they will get from a questions like, George Stephanopoulos asked  "Does Jeremiah Wright love his country?"  Will Chris Wallace ask  legitimate questions about the issues, or will he try to get material for “Fox and Friends”.  I think he will be the latter. Watch and see Sunday 8:00AM on Fox.


You live and you learn but I never thought I would be the subject of a blog and according to a couple e-mails I received, some people are responding to a known troll, that was kicked off the Victoria Advocate Forum for using the very same tactics he is employing now.

Apparently, he has picked up a couple of admirers…LOL  Ever notice it's only the right-wingers that want to trespass into someone's space to dump what they perceived to be a legitimate open-minded opinion. Am I really that important because no one else, has been the subject of a blog?I consider the source.


I guess it goes along with mainstream media thinking; Karl Rove is a political guru, although he got slam dunked in the 2006 election and in the year 2000, Al Gore actually received 600,000 more popular votes. Fox news, has yet to tell their viewers,that their political analyst(Karl Rowe) is maxed out in contributions to John McCain. I never really expected it from Fox , because it was recently revealed that most of their military experts, were taking their talking points from Don Rumsfeld and the Pentagon.