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This morning, I tuned in to MSNBC’s "Morning Joe" for a recap of the week-end news.

The network was all over the Jeremiah Wright appearance at the NAACP convention in Detroit last night ,and his upcoming appearance in Washington. It was all about, “Why now?”


I say, why not? Jeremiah Wright has just as much right to gain fame ,fortune and redemption using politics as Reverend Billy Graham, Falwell and Pat Robertson did.  Jeremiah Wright has a book coming out in about a month, so he will make many appearances, as did the above-mentioned clergyman.Barack Obama has already denounced the controversial statements of his former pastor, so there is no more he can do.Barack Obama told Chris Wallace that the issue of his pastors words are fair game.This only goes to prove that Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright are not joined at the hip. For Jeremiah Wright to go in isolation, until after the election would be dishonest and deceiving.  If voters think that Barrack Obama will instill an agenda of racial division, then they should not vote for him. I have yet to see any evidence of that.


To borrow a line from Jeremiah Wright "...I served six years in the military, does that make me patriotic? How many years did (Vice President Dick) Cheney serve?"  I would've taken it a step or two more by saying "I do not condone torture, nor did I bypass the Constitution by monitoring American citizens without a warrant, or FISA court approval.” When did we stop taking the totality of the person into consideration?

I am sure the George W. Bush and Cheney supporters, have taken their redeeming factors into consideration.


So can we let Hillary Clinton stay in the race until she runs out of money, stop worrying about the flag pins, Jeremiah Wright, or if John McCain benefited by using his wife corporate jet for campaign trips?