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It was the folksy Mike Huckabee calm demeanor that pointed out that the Reverend Jeremiah Wright represented radical extremist views last night on MSNBC’s  The Verdict. When Jeremiah Wright implied that this issue was against the black churches, I knew then Jeremiah Wright did not represent the 65,000 black churches.  The Washington press club Q&A revealed a lot about Jeremiah Wright. This man has a large ego and his recent appearances, are a form of payback, because Barack Obama denounced his rhetoric in public. The Rev.Wright builds that church from a small group of 87 to more than 8000 members, and now a member of that flock did not heed his message and said so publicly. The Reverend Jeremiah Wright built the church, but Barack Obama put it on the map.

Jeremiah Wright said, Louis Farrakhan was a great man. This is a man that said, Hitler was a great man, and together with the Reverend Wright met with the renowned terrorist Omar Qaddafi of Libya. I  do not like it when civilians meet with our enemies, without the current administrations approval. The Reverend could have given Louis Farrakhan credit for the Million Man March and left it at that.

This puts a new light on the subject about Barack Obama relationship with his pastor, but it keeps it out in the limelight without an easy solution.  Sure pundits will tell you that he needs to just completely disassociate with the Reverend Wright and his church, but they do not have to suffer the repercussions that this action might cause.I can see where some might say why didn't Barack Obama see through this,because observation and good judgement are qualities we want in a president.

I still think  Reverend Jeremiah Wright, has the right to the limelight to sell himself and his books, but I now see him; in the same light as I do right wing extremist like Ann Coulter and others I denounce. It took me longer than most to get to this point.