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Two years ago my wife and I vacationed in Chicago, and we enjoyed it so much that we made a vow to do it again.  Tomorrow morning we will begin our journey, leaving here at 5 a.m. continuing on to West Memphis, Arkansas where we will stop for the night.  After we leave West Memphis we should arrive in Chicago sometime Sunday afternoon.  It’s all part of our 41st wedding anniversary celebration.

The last time we went to Chicago, we enjoyed a three-game sweep of the Cubs by our beloved Houston Astros.  Wrigley Field is old, but nice, and the people are passionate about their Cubbies.  In fact, a fight broke out, on the L-train, between the Chicago White Sox fan and a cub fan.  That hate is genuine between the fans of these two teams.  A lot of “Sox’s suck” memorabilia is sold outside of Wrigley Field.  Several fans noticed my Astros cap told me to stomp the Sox, if we got into the World Series.. The Astros got to the World Series, but they didn't do any stomping.

This year to we plan to take the hop- on hop- off tour again, but we are going to skip the Sears Tower and Navy Pier and substitute visiting the neighborhoods and the theater district. We will also go to the Astros-Cub Monday night and maybe a White Sox game since they are in town also.  I have been told that the Brown line offers a unique view of the skyline of Chicago downtown, we intend to find out.If you know of anything to do that is not on the brochures let me know ,because we intend to explore that region this time, and not just the tourist destinations.

Tonight I will fill up with cheaper Texas gasoline, program the GPS system, and go on-line to look at the weather in Arkansas and Illinois. It's not too late, I don't do tornadoes.