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Last night around 7:00 p.m. Andrea Mitchell of NBC News reported that Tim Kaine and Evan Byth  were not selected.  Then about 10:45PM MSNBC reported that the Secret Service were summoned to Joe Biden’s house  and about 25 minutes later CNN reported that a high Democratic source told them that Joe Biden was a man chosen to be Barack Obama's vice president.

Joe Biden is a working-class Irish Catholic senator from Delaware. He was the youngest senator ever sworn in, since Thomas Jefferson.  A 2006 summary, listed him being the poorest Senator.  His assets were  -$300,000. This year he is worth about $150,000. Like most Americans, he has only one house with a mortgage.  He will do well in the rust belt and Pennsylvania.

Joe Biden has a bull dog approach to politics, so the GOP Rovian style will suit him just fine. This will let Barack Obama stay on message.  Obama did not pick a yes man, which would be vital if he really wants to reach across the line and get things done.

Since this race is close, this means that Obama’s VP might influence McCain's pick. He most likely will have to go with Mitt Romney.  Joe Biden will destroy the young governor of Minnesota Tim Pawlenty. McCain can no longer  alienate his base by picking pro-choice candidates like Joe Lieberman and Tom Ridge.

In my opinion, polls are useless at this point, approaching the Democratic convention because conventional wisdom will tell you Barack Obama will get a good bounce after the convention and so will John McCain.  In mid-September the polls will be more significant.

At 2:00 PM Barack Obama & Joe Biden will appear together in Springfield,IL for the first time...Darn I planned my vacation a couple weeks too early.

Conservative columnist David Brooks of the New York Times wrote a good piece about Joe Biden. I provided a link.