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After watching all the pre convention coverage, I came away feeling CNN believed the disgruntled Hillary voters will cause mischief at the convention.  This was their first question to any Democrat they interviewed hour after hour "why wasn't Bill or Hillary consulted on the vice presidential pick?"  John McCain has tailored his ads to take full advantage by portraying Hillary as the poor, disrespected victim. 

CNN's Anderson Cooper was saying that Paul Begala and James Carville were pushing the story that Obama disrespected Bill and Hillary.  These two loyalists cannot let go.  This puts the pressure on Hillary to release her delegates earlier and have a speech tailored to try and sway her followers. 

Due to a recent Gallup daily tracking showing McCain and Obama at a statistical tie  47% to 47% , the pundits started speculating.  Depending on the poll, ABC /Washington Post, Wall Street Journal/ NBC news or CNNs showed the Hillary voters favoring Obama, anywhere from 52% to 66%.  Those same polls had the Hillary voters favoring John McCain,anywhere from 22% to 30%.  The undecided were at around 13%.  Since the Congressional Democrats have a 15% lead over their Republican counterparts, people have wondered why Obama did not follow suit.  Traditionally the Democrats will come back to Obama for the most part, but it is a problem and a reason for this year's party theme "Unity 08.” If John McCain garners 30% of the Democratic vote; he will run away in a landslide.

The Republicans,John McCain, Rush Limbaugh, and Fox would like nothing better than another 1968 Democratic convention. Fox News started pretty early, sending Griff Jenkins out this week-end to try and antagonize the Democrats with shouts like "whats your message?" and “do you believe in freedom?”.. As expected, he was greeted with expletives. I love that “fair and balance.” All is fair in love, war and politics, I suppose.