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Barack Obama gave a masterful speech before 84,000 enthusiastic Democrats at Invesco Field.  Denver, Colorado last night. Another 38 million watched at home and abroad. Nearly all the pundits said it was the best acceptance speech ever.  Even Pat Buchanan (Richard Nixon's speech-writer) was glowing over it.  This speech is what the Democrats have been waiting for a Democrat to do since Michael Dukakis.  It was filled with challenges to John McCain to quit painting people as being unpatriotic, just because they are against the war in Iraq.

The Obama team made sure that 35,000 of the free tickets went to citizens of Denver for a promise to work in a grassroots effort to get Barack Obama elected.  The last text messaging gimmick they used ,got several e-mail addresses of potential voters.  I thought the Clinton machine and Karl Rove were the campaign models.  This Obama team will be the model for generations to come, using technology and grassroots efforts to maximize votes.  Says a lot about the organizational, temperament and leadership skills of a Barack Obama.

Rumor has it, that they are still looking for that ball he hit out of the park last night.