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The John McCain campaign has thrown away their old playbook, because it seems experience, Iraq, the vice president will be qualified to do the job the day after the inauguration, and most importantly, someone John McCain is comfortable with, is not that important anymore.

Karl Rowe said Obama should not pick Governor Tim Kaine, because the most experience he had before becoming governor of Virginia was that he was mayor of 105th largest city in America. Sarah Palin was mayor of a city of about 8000 who as Bill Maher put it; "where the biggest problem was a moose knocking over a trash can." She was the governor of Alaska, for 1 1/2 years, where she picked up her international foreign relations experience because Alaska is  in close proximity to Russia, according to Fox and friends Steve Doocy. That's comforting.

The McCain camp had a countdown clock on Obama, because he only visited Iraq once as a senator. Sarah Palin has never been to Iraq, although she was in Kuwait. Yesterday, Senator Lindsey Graham(R-SC), told Wolf Blitzer foreign policy experience for a vice president didn't matter.  Its judgment. I guess when Barack Obama said invading Iraq was the wrong thing to do before the invasion was not good judgment.

The McCain camp kept giving the reasons John McCain would like to pick either Tom Ridge or Joe Lieberman as his running mate. They kept telling us that John McCain was a maverick, and running  with someone that he was comfortable with was a priority. Well prior to yesterday John McCain had only met Sarah Palin a couple times. Did he use the old George W. Bush looking into her soul method, to make his decision?  I guess in the next 60 or so days they can get comfortable.  This pick makes John Kerry right when he said Senator John McCain and candidate McCain are two different people. Jon Kerry’s speech was a great and funny, a he who laughs last, laughs best; moment.

In my opinion, if McCain wanted to satisfy his evangelical base Mike Huckabee would have done that.  Talk about rewarding the second-place finisher. I have noticed the Democrats have failed to point that out.  I guess its apples and oranges, because John McCain and Mike Huckabee together didn’t receive 18 million votes.  I think John got close to 10 million, and Mike Huckabee got 4 million votes.

I had chance listen to all the experts, and look all over the Sarah Palin bio.  This will indeed excite the Bay Buchanan wing of the party. The experts said the Sarah Palin pick was Hail Mary pass because of Obama’s 10 point bounce after the convention. Today's Gallup Daily poll had Obama at 49% to McCain’s 41%. They went back to the base, because only 14% of John McCain followers were enthusiastic about him; compare that to Obama 80%. Some say it was to attracted Hillary voters. I disagree, because I cannot see a right wing conservative ever being for Hillary in the first place.

Sarah Palin may do just fine, and surprise all of us.  Time,the debate, and media scrutiny will tell. One thing is certain; she excited the Democrats and the Republicans for entirely different reasons.