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I had long given up the hope that someone would take the blame for the Iraq war fiasco. Yesterday, my feelings were confirmed when George W. Bush told CNN’s Candy Crowley the same old duck and dodge lines about our CIA getting the intelligence wrong and so did the world’s intelligence agencies.  Someone else’s fault is this administration mode of operation.  When told that al Qaeda was not in Iraq prior to the invasion the president said “so what.”

A couple of days ago Condoleezza Rice told an AP reporter that no American money was lost to corruption in Iraq.  Was she asleep?  I remember a reported 363 tons of cash ($12 billion) has not been accounted for, nor has the $50 billion for Iraq reconstruction, don’t forget KBR overcharging our government two billion dollars.  That’s about $64,000,000,000 and people are up in arms over $14, billion to the big three automakers.  Shame on those UAW workers for wanting a living wage and health benefits; when it can be wasted in Iraq.

Last but certainly not the least, there is Dick Cheney.  The vice president told ABC News that the case for war had nothing to do whether Saddam Hussein had WMD; America would have invaded the country anyway.  Who’s telling the truth, the president ,Karl Rove or Dick Cheney?  I suspect the latter, since we have plenty of evidence like the Downing Street memo and the words of Paul O’Neill and Richard Clark that this administration was ready to go to war with Iraq on day one.  Dick Cheney went on to  incriminate himself (not that it matters), by saying he was the mastermind behind the torture procedures.  According to our constitution torture is a war crime.  After WWII the United States prosecuted the Japanese for torturing Americans.  Dick Cheney has nothing to fear with his mea Culpa, because Alberto Gonzales lied to both chambers of Congress without being brought up on charges and Karl Rove and others in the Bush administration have yet to answer congressional subpoenas.

After that thrown shoe incident; one local poster said the reporter was lucky Saddam Hussein was not in power; as if to say “it’s a good thing we invaded.” Other posters said our secret service should have gunned that shoe thrower down.  If our security would have shot the reporter, I can just imagine the response from the Iraqis and our Allies.  Cowboy justice was not warranted in Iraq nor is it here in the United States.  In the Muslim culture ;showing the bottom ones feet is a sign of disrespect; therefore, throwing two shoes is the ultimate disrespect.  The shoe throwing reporter suffered broken ribs and a broken arm and is likely to serve about 15 years in prison.  Justice was done.

In the winding days, President Bush, vice President Cheney, Karl Rove, Condoleezza Rice and others will do more interviews without fear of having to pay for their mistakes because no U. S. Attorney will bring them up on charges and the country just wants them to go away.