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When I first heard Rick Warren was going to deliver the invocation at Barack Obama’s inaugural I just shrugged my shoulders and said “so what.” I had no idea how angry people would get. This morning Jon Meacham (editor of Newsweek) said one of the founders indicated that having a man of the cloth deliver an invocation comes awful  close to violating church and state, but it only happens every four years ,and just  for a few minutes; therefore, it just not worth the fight.

I can understand wanting a clean break from the Christian Right having a heavy hand in our nation politics after the last eight years.  A pundit said the only difference between Rick Warren and Dr. James Dobson is a Hawaiian shirt. Personally, I don’t see Rick Warren as divisive as Dr. Dobson..

Rick Warren gets the ire of our gay and lesbian community due to his extreme views on gay marriage.  Pastor Warren was one of the architects of California’s Proposition 8.  Some liberal groups oppose his view on abortion.  Dr. James Dobson thinks Rick Warren is not vocal enough against gay-marriage and abortion rights. The extreme right wing of the Republican Party is very angry that Rick Warren is giving the invocation.  Just because the extreme right and left oppose Rick Warren, it certainly does not make him a moderate.

Barack Obama has  proven once again to reach across ideological lines to create an atmosphere where we can focus on the issues we hold in common, like global warming, helping the poor, and those stricken with HIV -AIDS.  Then again; it could be a shrewd political move.

My liberal friends, I know that by choosing Pastor Warren,; it is a form of legitimacy but take comfort in knowing that Barack Obama committed himself to be an advocate in bringing equality for gay and lesbian Americans.  Take comfort in knowing Barack Obama is keeping his promise to continue drawing down our forces in Iraq and will use some of the $850 billion stimulus package to reform Health Care and make it affordable for everyone.  Rick Warren’s invocation will be balanced by the dean of civil rights movement James Lowery, when he gives the benediction.

After all who will remember the words of Rick Warren; the nation and the world will be focused on the words of the 44th president as he speaks at this historical inauguration; which will be viewed by millions.