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As I read this morning’s headline “Smile!  You’re on a red light camera”, I just knew the skeptics would come out with their outdated and out of context constitutional arguments over three measly cameras in a small town.  Perhaps, this is a great test market to work out all the kinks (I’m sure they will have some) and perhaps this technology will be able to benefit those cities that are reluctant to use this system due to the potential problems and cash outlay.

We still have the naysayers that equate global warming to a local weather report.  I wonder if the skeptics saw the masks the Olympic participants’ were using in Beijing, China. It was not a fashion statement. The effects of the west shifting its dirtiest manufacturing industry to China and China's own excessive use of dirty energy is quite evident.  How do we surpass this country growing at 10%?  We out green them, and become the leader and the engine for the next green economic boom.  Many brag about their Christian values but say “let those animals die from extinction, it’s not worth the money. “My values differ.

I have finally come to grips with the Bush administration; they will not be held accountable; therefore, it’s well beyond that, and I hope the Republican Party does not keep digging that hole they are presently in.  I do not want my party to control all three branches of government and become the party of default. I firmly believe divided government (checks and balances) works best.  The RNC doesn’t seem to get it; we need conservative fiscal restraint and sound monetary policies, not the same old divisive politics.  The Tennessee GOP chairman recently sent out CDs of “Barack the Magic Negro” to each of its members.  Not a wise move, especially since the membership in that once great party is already dwindling.To his credit  RNC chairman Mike Duncan issued a statement distancing himself from Saltsman: "The 2008 election was a wake-up call for Republicans to reach out and bring more people into our party. I am shocked and appalled that anyone would think this is appropriate as it clearly does not move us in the right direction."  Unless the GOP becomes more inclusive; their dwindling numbers will be their doom.

GOP senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, is threatening to veto the proposed $800 billion stimulus package even thou a draft has not been submitted.  That’s fine but what is his proposal?  I imagine he would have settled for more tax cuts as usual.  The stimulus package is backed up by left and right wing economist; it’s the only bullet left in the chamber.  We need to use some of this money to fund the forgotten alternative energies.  The first solar plant started in this country and was funded by our government, and then the dirty fuel industry lobbyist convinced the legislators to quit supporting the project.  The innovator moved his plant and ideas to Germany and the rest is history.  Germany is now the world’s largest producer of solar energy and has recently signed their new German customers to a 20 year contract.  We could also use the stimulus money to digitize the medical records for easier sharing, updating and recording.  This will reduce the cost of Health Care.  Lastly, we can repair the many needed infrastructures at today’s price and damage; it’s not only putting people to work, but it circulates the money and loosens the credit.  Economist tells us that the money is out there; just not moving.

Happy new year to all and I hope to continue to criticize, take criticism, praise, and offer solutions in a civil way.