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I have often wondered what people mean when they say "I guess we have to pick between the lesser of two evils." I seem to hear this every four years.

1. Do they mean their candidate does not have a chance of winning?

2. Are they uninterested in politics, and just repeat what they hear?

3. Is it because their favorite issue is not being discussed by either party?

4. Are they waiting for the perfect candidate without flaws?

5. There is still the possibility that  they do not like the candidates.

I do admit, it took me until Thursday night before, I latched onto a candidate. I will support Barack Obama, but if that candidate loses the nomination, I will support the winner in the  Democratic Party.

Now that the front runner for the GOP is John McCain, I know most of the general election debates will center on Iraq. Should we stay there indefinitely, or start making a responsible withdrawal? Barack Obama, convinced me that a candidate, who was against this war from the beginning would stand a better chance against a pro-Iraq war candidate. I genuinely think, Hillary or Obama could easily defeat Mitt Romney. If the debate is about economics, Barack Obama has said "Bring on the subject of economics, because the last six years of Republican fiscal policies will not be easy to defend."(sic).

Barack Obama could make a case that John McCain was against the Bush tax cuts before he was for them. He jokingly said "the wheels came off, The Straight Talk Express.

I believe the nation will finally have that debate whether we should have gone into Iraq and the best path forward. I respect and honor John McCain's military record and his sacrifice for this country. Whoever the candidate, I hope, they stick to the issues and not allow the 527s to attack John McCain mendaciously . Two of Barack Obam's Thursday night's statement stuck with me. First, he said "we must get off the mindset that the Iraq war was justified, but mishandled." Second, he pointed out that the level of violence is back to 2005 levels, but as of yet, political reconciliation is nowhere in sight. He will point out, the present and future costs of this war of choice. If Hillary Clinton is the  nominee, she can only make the case for withdrawal, since she voted for the resolution to go to war.

Democratic enthusiasm is showing, according to record turnouts in the primaries. 60% of the new voters said they voted for Barack Obama. Many Republicans and Independents have voted for Barack Obama, not so for Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama will get more independent votes than Hillary or John McCain. Many absentee voters have already cast their votes for Hillary, making her the front runner before Super Tuesday. Barack Obama is gaining, but needs to get at least 40% of the delegates Tuesday night to stay competitive.

As noted on last nights Bill Maher's show, the people that hate Hillary Clinton will not vote for Barack Obama, Hillary has never done anything to be hated for. Am I wrong?

Sure, I have issues with George W. Bush, but I think I have good reasons. Incompetence on a wide range of issues, starting with the Iraq war, Katrina, Harriet Miers, his unwillingness to take blame for anything and circumventing the constitution.