• The difference between Social Security & Medicare & UHC is that our tax money has been paying into that system for this very situation, aging & retirement.  Now when you think about what has been added on to burden our Social Security it makes my blood boil.  Drug addicts & parents having their children labeled "nut cases" to get an extra buck or two from SSI.  My parents have paid into Social Security all their lives & weren't offered a choice, if they would have been offered a choice they would have opted to save it themselves (my dad is gifted when it comes to growing money) but they were not offered so  They deserve every cent that is due them.  That goes for everyone that was forced to pay into the system.

    February 6, 2008 at 7:38 p.m.

  • I also believe in checks and balances.  In the past 7 years, we have had an administration who not only did not  believe in checks and balances but attempted to load the balances to the Republican side by removing judges not Republican and attempting to replace them with Republican.  Fortunately, the senate and house have not acted on those judges.  hopefull, they will wait until he is out of office to do anything lest he decides to declare marshall law because the terrorists are out of hand. 
    Health care is a horrific problem in this country.  We have so many many people who smoke, dope, and drink themselves into bad health.  Most of those infirms also cannot or do not work.  They then must go to county and get medical care free.  ISN'T THAT FREE MEDICAL CARE FOR ALL?  The problem is that no one in this country especially young working people with families feel safe in regard to the health of their children and or themselves. 
    This is a current example of how crazy things are now and how insecure people feel.  A family I know has two children.  One is 26 and the other is currently 11.  The 26 year old , who is a "lay at home mom" has medicaid for her two children 8 and 2.  These kids receive the best of dental and medical care with regular checkups.  The 11 year old lives in a home with responsible parents who work at separate jobs.  However, the 11 year old has no medical insurance nor ever has had and must rely on emergency care rather than regular medical or dental care. These folks jobs are not low paying burger flipping jobs.  These people work at good jobs but there is no way they can afford $600 a month for a family policy. 
    If you know of a way to solve this kind of discrepancy, as well as others,  other than a National Health Plan please tell the world and save us from this disaster.   Afraid of taxes, and of course,  it would raise taxes on all of us look at what you pay now for family insurance through your company.  Some people would be happy to have their taxes raised to say $1000 more a year when they pay $600 a month out of their paycheck for insurance.  Think with your head man not with the media hype.  The system now favors the poor not the workers of America.  It must be fixed.  VOTE HILLARY!
    If this doesn't convince you, go to Denmark where on the average each family or individual pays $645 a year more because they have National Health Care.  Ask them if they would trade it and they would tell you not no but "arguswagable" no.  In a world wide survey,  the people of Denmark were declared the happiest people on earth.  They feel secure and ride bicycles and love life.  Man, these people are freezing with ice on the ground almost year round but they don't need help with stress because they are not stressed.  Wouldn't you like to see Americans feel like that?  Health disasters can cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Most people cannot recover from that disaster, but it hangs over the head of everyone. 

    February 6, 2008 at 6:16 p.m.