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You would think the Democratic Party would be overjoyed over Tuesday night's 21 state results. The final vote tallies showed that the Democrats had 73% more voters than their Republican counterparts. So many new voters.

Barck Obama and Hillary Clinton are pretty much tied in delegates and popular vote.

Will this lead to a brokered convention? The Democrats have more than 700 super delegates, who might just decide who the candidate is. Each delegate represents 10,000 voters, that's way too much power for one person.

The Democratic Party's decided that Michigan's and Florida's delegates would not count since those states violated party rules by moving up their primary dates. Barack Obama Hillary Clinton signed a pledge not to campaign in the violating states until after the unauthorized primary. Since Hillary Clinton's won Michigan and Florida, she wants those delegates to count. Will the Democratic Party now allow Michigan and Florida to have another primary? The Obama people will not favor that. I think the fair thing to do ,is to split the delegates evenly between the two candidates.

The stump speeches will not cause a split in the party, but if one side feels slighted after the convention, that damage will last a long time. I hope for the good of the party, it comes down to most delegates, excluding super-delegates.

What an election year, it's been said senators could not win the nomination of their party, because the numerous votes they cast, makes them all flip-floppers. This year, the Republican nominee is a senator,and so are the two front running Democrats. History will be made when the Democrats nominate an African-American or a woman's as their nominee.

A lot of funny moments in this election. One is Hannity's jaw drop as Ann Coulter said if John McCain was the nominee she would campaign for Hillary ,because she was stronger on defense than John

McCain. For once poor Alan Colmes was besides himself, laughing at his partner Hannity.The other Rush,Laura Ingram,Sean Hannity all telling their listeners that McCain was not a conservative

and would bring the party down,yet John McCain got the nomination. Is talk-radio losing it's influence?

Pundits used to say that if Iraq was a topic of discussion when the general election debates came around, the advantage would be with the Democrat. Not so anymore, but we will finally

have the deabte.Do we make a responsible withdrawal or see the mission through without a timetable? The pundits also said the Democrats wanted Iraq to be the main issue of the debates.

Not so anymore, it's the economy.