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Change? This is coming from someone who's had the recliner in the same place for 35 years, but 70% of Americans think the country is going in the wrong direction. Do I think one man can bring this trend to an abrupt halt? Of course not, but he could start the healing by appointing some Republicans to cabinet positions in his administration. Barack Obama said he would do this.

I made my contribution to the Barack Obama campaign fund (not that he needs it-$1 million a day is coming in) and I feel good about it. This is not to say that I would not support Hillary if she is the nominee.

The first change will come in the general election debates. Barack Obama said we must change the mindset that said it was right to invade a sovereign nation of Iraq, but the occupation was mishandled. Mr. Obama continues to say "we must  be as responsible getting out of Iraq as we were careless getting in."(sic) John McCain cannot say, you voted for the same resolution to give the president authorization to invade Iraq.

Barack Obama can remind the American people ,that what  John McCain did was not exactly honest, when he staged a setting for his "things are improving in Iraq speech." He left out the part where helicopters were hovering above; along with the 100 troops surrounding him to ensure his safety. The particular village which he was talking from was car bombed the next day. John McCain might say that since casualties are down, our stay in Iraq would be similar to our presence in South Korea and Germany. I was stationed in South Korea for one year, and that was good duty. I could go to Seoul Korea in civilian clothes, unarmed. The Middle East and American troop occupation should never be compared to our presence in Germany or in South Korea. Finally, Mr. Obama can ask John McCain, how he plans to pay for a long occupation.

The Defense Department will finally have its 9/11 Military Tribunals about the time of the general election (coincidence of course) and John McCain will try to exploit this, by mocking the Democrats, for wanting habeas corpus to be restored to the detainees. Barack Obama should welcome this challenge, and ask John McCain why he does not have confidence in our criminal defense system. I say, execute the detainees immediately, instead of making a mockery of our judicial system.

The big change , forbidding lobbyists, access to policy committees. They can have a seat at the table, just not all the seats, and they cannot write the policy as they did with the senior Medicare bill and the Cheney energy bill. Barack Obama must continue to push for public financing.

Restoring our civil liberties, global warming, illegal immigration and embryonic stem cell research will be topics that the three candidates can agree on. Therefore change in these areas will come no matter who gets elected.

Barack Obama said he would bring transparency to our government. He emphasized this in one of the debates, saying he would invite all players to a conference on C-SPAN, instead of hammering out a health care program behind closed doors.

Instead of that dreaded "I will." Barack Obama is saying "we are the ones we been waiting for."