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The main topic of all the Sunday talk shows, was the demise of the Hillary Clinton campaign and the use of superdelegates. We know  neither candidate will get to the convention in August with enough delegates to win.  However ,we are not sure about is how the powers of the party will come to a decision satisfying both camps.  Hillary wins Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania than she can say she won all the big important states despite Obama eight straight victories in a row.  Now if Obama wins Ohio, it could be a determining factor.  The debate in Austin, Texas Wednesday night will be huge.

Exchanges between Obama and Clinton have been mild by all standards, but outside right wing blogs have been trying to derail Obama with planted falsehoods.  First was the Pledge of Allegiance story, then it was trying to tie him to the Muslims.  Recently the blog reported a story about a Che Guerra poster in his Houston campaign office.  Of course, Obama condemned it and went on.  The right wing is looking for a “macaca” incident.

The Wolf Blitzer interview with Charles Barkley was hilarious.  Charles said he would never vote Republican, because conservatives were just fake Christians to him, because they are not about forgiving.  I’ve noticed that some posters will use any opportunity to show their displeasure for poor people, while ignoring the corruption of the affluent  in a crisis.

John McCain’s lack of economic knowledge showed yesterday on ABC Sunday.  George Stephanopoulos asked John about the housing crisis.  McCain went into his debate canned answer, which had nothing to do with the housing crisis.  He said he would reduce pork, cut taxes, and that he had Jack Kemp and Phil Gramm as his economic advisers.  That’s great John ,but what have you learned from them?  His healthcare plan was to reduce cost ,tort reform and more choices for individuals.  Huh?  Then he said something amazing to prove his electability.  “Barack Obama was voted the most liberal senator”.  So what, is that all you have John McCain?  That old, GHW Bush line won’t work.  The 20% independent voters will not care about ideology,they want knowledge of all the issues.  A one trick pony will not go far.

Posters on the right are hung up on ideology. I was commenting on the Ramos-Compean story yesterday, when Kenneth Schustereit answered my post by saying “we’d had our differences as liberals and conservatives.” Where did that come from?  I’ve always said I really don’t care about ideology (that’s a right wing thing)and this story was neither liberal nor conservative.  Instead of discussing issues we end up talking about labels.

Director of national intelligence Michael McConnell was a guest on Fox news Sunday.

Mr. McConnell, pretty much said, the hold up of the “  Protect America Bill” was approving retroactive immunity to the telecoms.  The administration wants Nancy Pelosi to get her troops to pass the bill, without seeing why the telecoms  want retroactive immunity.  Carte blanche.  Mr. McConnell continued with the fear mongering leaving out  important information, like admitting that we will still be able to monitor our enemies phone calls.  The telecoms brought the program to a halt last year, when they cut off service, because of non-payment by our federal government.  Why do our citizens want to sue the telecoms?  Why should government prevent our citizens from suing?