Blogs » Politcs Plus » This election could tip the balance of the Supreme Court


We currently have four extreme right wing conservative judges seated on the Supreme Court. John P. Stevens will likely retire within four years. A John McCain would nominate another conservative judge, like John Roberts or Samuel Alito, causing the court to tilt right for several years . Why is this a concern? Most of the appellate  and lower courts are made up of conservative judges, making this country, stacked in favor of right wing policies such a want to overturn Roe V. Wade, a constitutional ban on gay marriage ,rulings in favor of big business and a belief in the unitary executive theory.

This current Court with a 5-4 ruling has ruled with this administration on issues like a decision, "barring ordinary taxpayers from challenging a White House initiative helping religious charities get a share of federal money. Recently The Supreme Court sided with the White House , rejecting a lawsuit from the American Civil Liberties Union challenging the warrantless domestic spying program created by President George W. Bush . To be honest, the Supreme Court has also ruled against obvious infractions by the Bush administration but ,who will stop them, if six of nine Supreme Court judges are right wing conservatives.