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Who said you cannot vote for a candidate because of his/hers race, gender or party?

Probably the one that wants you to vote for their candidate based on their bias. They probably voted for George W. Bush in the last two elections, so their credibility is not that great.

2000 presidential election, Karl Rove enlisted 4 million evangelicals to vote for the Republican Party. Nothing was said about that. Democrat Harold Ford Jr. was a better senate candidate than Bob Cocker, and Republican Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, certainly had more credentials than Benjamin Cardin. Did race play a part in the 2006 Senate race election?

I imagine, the first thing, a person does is identify with their candidate, then are receptive the message. That identification could be based on race,party or gender. A person likes to know that their candidate understands their issues. Look no further than the Republican Party to see what I mean, the base of their party are not happy with John McCain.; even though he has an 83% conservative voting record. John McCain has the nomination sewed up yet the GOP are giving him very little support in primaries. Is that wrong? Rush Limbaugh,Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity think they are the standard bearers, for conservatism, if so why is John McCain, the Republican candidate?

The Democratic and Republican Party have platforms the candidates have to adhere to, or they would not get the party vote. I vote for Democratic candidates and national elections, because I identifying with the party platform.. Local ,now anyone can fix the potholes or run the school board without identify with a party.

I imagine election will be about the economy's, health care, Iraq and foreign policy.

On those four issues the candidates are 180° of one another. They will agree on climate change, federal funding for embryonic stem cell research, and comprehensive immigration reform.

This year, Barack Obama is bringing in a lot of new voters, I hope it transcends into votes in the general election. New fresh ideas, because 70% of Americans think this country is going in the wrong direction.

Don't get me wrong, and don't take me literally, I do believe every American voter: should study the issues and vote their conscience. You can get a more detailed view of the issues by reading weekly magazines, watching C-SPAN, viewing the debates, and books. I highly recommend it.

I find it strange that people will wonder why someone would vote for Hillary, just because she is a woman. It wasn't until 1920 when a woman was allowed to vote. Perhaps they just want to show men, that women can play that game too. Those on the right likes to say that ,Democrats take the black vote for granted. Barack Obama will disprove that.

Just vote and make a habit forming.