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I sensed the charismatic Barack Obama would be a star in the Democratic Party after his speech during the 2004 Democratic convention.  I never dreamed it would be this fast, or he would be able to compete with the likes Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Joe Biden and the rest. He surpassed everyone’s expectation, and now it’s a matter of sharpening up the rough edges.

In the last two debates, I have seen him deflect Hillary’s best shots.  Not an easy task.

I think Hillary has only been stumped on one question.  That ill-fated driver’s license for illegal immigrants question.  Last night, I think he put that Louis Farrakhan question to rest by finally rejecting the support of this controversial figure. Give Hillary some credit, because she shamed  him into that position. Barack went from denouncing the anti-Semitic rhetoric of  Farrakhan to rejecting it.  Barack was mocked and ridiculed for saying that he would go after bin Laden, or any Al Qaeda leaders, even if the leaders of Pakistan disapproved.  Guess what?  Last week, this administration, sent an aerial drone into Pakistan to kill an Al Qaeda leader without telling the leaders of Pakistan.  I think, he was vindicated.

Experience is a knock on Barack Obama right now, but he has managed a campaign of over a million grassroots supporters, averaging $109 surpassing all the experienced politicians.  A lot the major newspapers are endorsing this inexperienced candidate, likewise, the deans of the Democratic Party. They see someone that can think on his feet, and is not afraid to hear opposing views. He will not be lacking excellent  and willing advisers.

John McCain will have the same old 527s, Karl Rove, and hate radio trying to pick up dirt on what they perceive as an upstart politician. If Barack Obama quickly rebuts the charges, instead of waiting two weeks, like John Kerry, he will be do just fine. Oh,the deabtes..Come on John McCain will follow the policies of George W. Bush. Need I say more?