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The Iowa primary is over, but.. it left its mark.


Joe Biden and Christopher Dodd  dropped out, of the presidential campaign.

Biden, knowledge of foreign policies, and Chris Dodd’s expertise in the domestic issues.  never did get them into the double digits.


Barack Obama did what everyone thought was impossible.  He brought a lot of new young voters into the process.  The young voters made up 22% of the electorate.  Mr. Obama got 57% of that vote.


John Edwards is about done, because he does not have the money to linger on much longer.


Even though Chris Matthews wanted Iowa, to be the deciding factor for the Clinton demise, she has a good chance of winning New Hampshire. Hillary cannot afford to lose New Hampshire, because then Barack Obama is sure to get the black vote in South Carolina, because if Obama wins in two predominately white states and you can throw electability out the window, it will no longer be a hindrance.


Mike Huckabee stomped Mitt Romney, with 39,814 votes to Romney's 29,405.  It looks like 34,240 of Mike's votes came from the evangelicals.  The evangelical vote will not help Mike Huckabee in New Hampshire, but it will in South Carolina.


McCain and Thompson practically tied for third.  Perhaps Thompson will drop out and support McCain in New Hampshire because it will be a dogfight between McCain and Huckabee in South Carolina.

Can't count Mitt Romney out because if he wins New Hampshire,he is most likely to win Michigan and the race goes on.


The GOP race will go on for a long.long time, because they have not settled in on a candidate yet. It may be the Wall Street Republicans versus the Religious Republicans. 


In my opinion, Giuliani's big state gamble will be a flop.