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What a weekend Tivo to the rescue.  All my passions, Houston Rockets ,NFL playoffs, three presidential debates and a Bill O’Reilly meltdown.(More on this later)as a bonus……on at the same time.

The Democrats.

The ABC debate seemed like a cordial event, except when Hillary thought she needed to forcibly explain her vision of change.  It was like; she was quoting Elizabeth Browning, “Measure not the work until the day is out, and the labor done.”  A good example is when the ABC moderator asked John Edwards to talk about a great senate accomplishment of his; Mr. Edwards said he worked with John McCain and Ted Kennedy on the Patient’s Bill of Rights.  Like a corner back jumping the route, Hillary quickly pointed out that the Patient’s Bill of Rights never passed George W. Bush’s veto.

It did seem like it John Edwards and Barack Obama teamed up against Hillary Clinton in an effort to point out that she did not stand for change. Poor Bill Richardson, he seemed to be the referee, but for the most part was ignored.  I was surprised, because only Hillary brought up the prospect of  a recession.  This will be a selling point for the Democrats in future debates.  Basically, all four candidates agreed on the major issues, unfortunately, Clinton has to go negative, in order to get back in this race.  This morning, Obama is enjoying a double-digit lead.

The Republicans

It was Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, Mike Huckabee and John McCain against Romney in the ABC debate. If this was a company locker room, John McCain was looked up to as their leader, Fred Thompson was just there, Rudy Giuliani was admired for his 9/11 work in New York City, but nothing else, Mike Huckabee was a popular one,  Ron Paul was the nerd, and everyone just hated Mitt Romney.

The highlight of the ABC debate was the Romney v McCain face-off on the definition of amnesty, this led to the funniest line of the night by Rudy Giuliani  “Ronald Reagan actually gave amnesty, I could see of Mitt Romney’s attack ads aimed at the hero of the Republican Party.”(sic).

Ron Paul used his time to say the others were just giving lip service to the Constitution., money would have been available for health care and education; if we would not have thrown the money away in Iraq.  He basically said we can’t talk about domestic issues with Iraq bearing down on us.

The Fox debate minus Ron Paul was a sleeper, it was more of candidates playing nice to each other,and backing off the negative things, they said about each other on the morning shows. It was more of a laundry list resume with the same old stale jokes.  Interestingly enough, the focus groups said that Mitt Romney won, and  they were put off by Mike Huckabee, wearing his religion on his sleeve.

Saturday night Bill O’Reilly and camera crew appeared at a Barack Obama rally at Nashua, New Hampshire high school gym.  Of course the uninvited O’Reilly tried to shove his way up front to get a good camera shot.  When confronted by Obama’s security, O’Reilly tried to force his way through calling security an SOB.  Secret Service had to intervene and order O'Reilly back ,but the egotistical O’Reilly extended his hand to Obama begging him to appear on his show.  I cannot imagine any other talk show host, doing that.