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My world was turned over upside down last night, because the polls,media ,and I were flat wrong.  57% of the New Hampshire electorate are women, and they said “No you don’t” and showed up in droves to vote for Hillary Clinton. In the  25 years of being a political junkie, I have never seen anyone turn, a 15% deficit  into a victory in just 24 hours.

I will be happy no matter who the nominee, but I am glad Hillary was knocked down off her high horse,ate a little humble pie and I hope she becomes a better person for it.  Democrats do not want their  primary to be over. The Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton camps were shocked last night, that’s a good thing, because the Republican nominee will not go down without a fight.

The New Hampshire independents voted for John McCain assuming Barack Obama had it all wrapped up, and did not need their help. Even though the independents voted in the Republican primary, they did not vote for Ron Paul as expected.

John McCain and Mike Huckabee are in dire need of cash, even though they have small campaign staffs ,they cannot afford advertising of the Romney and Rudy Giuliani campaign . They will have to resort to that  free left wing media.  Mitt Romney’s loss is huge, because the New Hampshire is the neighboring state of Massachusetts where Romney was the governor,.even Henry Cabot Lodge won in that state ,in his run for the presidency.  I still think the GOP primary will go down to the wire without a clear front runner.

All in all it was good night, because an apology from Chris Matthews for underestimating Hillary ,and the look of disappointment on Sean Hannity's face is PRICELESS.