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Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for freedom of the press, but this election is about the candidates, not the pundits.  We don’t need Chris Matthews or Bill O’Reilly trying to be the story. I was disappointed with Tim Russert Sunday when he tried to get Hillary to say, she injected race into her campaign. I thought Brit Hume of Fox news Sunday, gave the best explanation of what Hillary said about how it took Lyndon Johnson, along with Martin Luther King to get the civil rights legislation passed.  Turn it upside down or right side out and you cannot come up with racial implications in her statement. Tim Russert tried to make her defend Bill Clinton’s fairytale statement about Obama’s record on the Iraq war; he purposely tried to imply that Bill Clinton was talking about Obama’s campaign.

To be fair Barack Obama had campaign workers trying to use Hillary’s and Bill‘s statements to their advantage, in South Carolina. The Democratic Party put a stop to that nonsense.  Therefore, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have a racial truce.

I never thought I would say this, but in my opinion, Bill Clinton needs to find a rocking chair and just cool it until after Super Tuesday.  Right now, this primary is about Hillary Obama and Edwards. Bill Clinton will be a factor in the general election for the Democratic Party, but the people need to hear what Hillary will do for this nation, not what Bill Clinton thinks she will do.

The Republican Party is topsy-turvy, broken up into three parts, the social conservatives, fiscal conservatives, and defense conservatives.  They do not have a Ronald Reagan to unite the party. I cannot believe Mike Huckabee said we need to make the U.S. Constitution more compatible with the bible.  That’s really throwing out red meat to the social conservatives in South Carolina. Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh was having a fit trying to convince his listeners that John McCain is not a conservative.  Last week he was saying the same thing about Mike Huckabee. Sean Hannity is doing the same thing, so I guess the talk radio pundits are backing Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, or Fred Thompson.

They will be interesting to see who wins the Democratic primary in Nevada and the Republican primary in South Carolina this week-end.