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I have come a long way from trusting everything in the print media, to double sourcing just about everything I read. Jayson Blair and Judith Miller of the New York Times  made me a big-time skeptic. With this new 24/7 news cycle, some mainstream newspapers have resorted to gossip, instead of investigative journalism.  Two good examples: Why was yesterday’s argument between Romney and a reporter about whether Mitt had a lobbyist on staff, newsworthy? Same with Bill Clinton’s argument with a television reporter about whether casino workers could vote at their workplace.

The chain letter about Barack Obama’s Muslim past, and using the Koran to take his oath of office was taken for truth and circulated in this on-line forum. Earlier, some try to say that Obama refused to put his hand over his heart during Pledge of Allegiance.  A picture revealed that one time, he did forget to place his hand over his heart to the Pledge of Allegiance, but several other pictures show him his hand over his heart, and actually reciting the pledge.  Republican or Democrat, these candidates are not anti-American.I thought my fellow Victorians knew that.

Recently, Bill O’Reilly has been attacking John Edwards, over his 200,000 homeless veteran stump speech statement. O’Reilly even said that Fox would pay to shelter and feed these homeless veterans, if one could prove Edwards right.  Someone might have put a bug in a

bug in O’Reilly ear because last night he changed his whole attack message. O’Reilly is now saying that John Edwards tied the 200,000 homeless veterans to the economy.  John Edwards, “ Two Americas speech” is about America’s priorities, not the economy. I know what the Edwards attack it is really about. John Edwards convinced the other Democratic candidates not to debate on Fox news. Of course, John Edwards did not have to twist any arms.

South Carolina is known for his brutal politics, but I hope they do not question John McCain’s war record, as has been rumored.  America does not need to tear down its war heroes for a stinking primary win.  McCain is already on unsteady ground with the South Carolina social conservatives on many other issues.

Perhaps, Chris Matthews finally got it. Yesterday, his show led off with his apology to Hillary Clinton over his remarks about how she became senator from New York.  He claimed it was because Bill Clinton had an affair, leaving out the part that Hillary had been to every county in New York, even strong GOP counties, to try to convince the voters to vote for her.  Again, if the pundits would stay out of the race and just report the facts; apologies would not be needed.

The headline in today’s Victoria advocate was about, Sheriff Michael O’Connor’s being left out of the loop. This was revealed on the day of the plea bargain several days ago to why does it warrant a headline today?