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I started out supporting John Edwards, but I can see he is not going to get the Democratic nomination. Lately I’ve been going back and forth between Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama.

I became aware of Mr.Obama when he gave the keynote address at 2004 Democratic National Convention.  He talked about living in United States of America, rather than red state or blue state.  His life story impressed me, born poor, went to Harvard and excelled. He had a lucrative career waiting, but chose to be a public servant. When the presidential race kicked off, I didn’t think Mr. Obama had enough experience to lead this great nation, but as he eloquently pointed out “Cheney and Rumsfeld had many years of experience, look how that turned out.”  Recently I have been impressed with his endorsements by established Democrats such as Ben Nelson of Nebraska and Patrick Leahy of Vermont.  Barak Obama impressed with huge crowds and electrifying speeches, but did not do well in the debates against the established candidates.  Lately he has shown he can think on his feet and answers a spontaneous question with clarity.  A quick look at the numbers shows that he can go neck and neck with John McCain, when it comes to securing the votes of the independents.  This will be a huge factor in the upcoming election.

As far back as a year and a half ago, I did not think Hillary Clinton would run because of her high negatives, and I thought she wanted to be Harry Reid’s replacement;  when he retired.  Shows how much I know.  Not much to say about Hillary that has not already been said and known. Her high poll numbers made her run as the inevitable candidate but the Iowa caucuses brought her back down to earth.  She knows the issues and is an excellent debater, but I genuinely think she will bring out Republicans voters that would have stayed at home because of their choices, just to vote against her.  If Hillary is a nominee, I have no doubt that she goes toe to toe with the Republican nominee but if she wins, I don’t see the congressional coattails.

I still wish Bill Clinton would sit this one out and just wait for the general election, because the ultimate politician is having a definite effective on Obama. Barak Obama was riding high after the Iowa caucuses and has lost three straight primaries since.  Barak Obama is expected to win South Carolina, but it’s off to Super Tuesday after that.

Both candidates have over a hundred million, so money will not be an issue.  Perhaps the Bill and Hillary Clinton tactics will toughen up Barack Obama, I am sure the GOP will not lay out a red carpet for Barack Obama, and they will bring out their heavy arsenal of political attacks.