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Well, since Rudy Giuliani dropped out last night, and John Edwards  is dropping out today. It seems to be a race between Clinton and Obama, for he Democrats and McCain and Romney for the Republicans. McCain and Clinton are the current front runners.

Many questions will have to be answered the next two weeks. Will it be the Kennedy family against the Clinton machine in California? Will the conservative Republicans hold their nose and line up behind the candidacy of John McCain?

CNN and MSNBC devoted about 90% of their coverage to the Republican primary, since their delegates counted. I had to freeze frame my television set to get the Democratic turnout. Amazing, the Democrats did not campaign in Florida, yet Hillary received 856,944 votes to John McCain's 693, 425 votes with 96% votes counted. Democratic voters have outnumbered the Republican voters in every primary so far.

Joe Scarborough of MSNBC, is an obvious Mitt Romney supporter ,and he really showed his anger, last nights as the results were coming in, showing McCain about to win the state of Florida. He said "I can't believe it, McCain is running on; your jobs won't come back and we'll be in many wars campaign."

John McCain is showing the strain of campaigning (72 yrs old) and is nearly broke. Last night's win in Florida saved the McCain campaign. Mitt Romney can continue writing himself a check, but while Mike Huckabee remains in the campaign, his votes take away from Mitt Romney.

Mike Huckabee will continue campaigning in the South visiting states like Georgia and Arkansas and Tennessee. If the John McCain campaign had any money they could pay off Mike Huckabee campaign debt and assure him a job in the McCain administration.

John Edwards talked with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama last week, so I am not sure he will endorse anyone. John Edwards would make an excellent attorney-general. He could go after the crooked lobbyist in Washington.

Although I am not a Republican,I am going to watch tonight's debate. Mitt Romney has  promised to cut taxes down to zero,switched all his positions,but continues to lose the important primaries to John McCain. Will Romney go after McCain on immigration? The GOP primary is in California,the home state of Reagan who actually gave amnesty.Will it be a Huckabee -McCain tag-team? David Brooks ,conservative columnist for the New York Times said “Can we please stop pretending that immigration is a good issue for Republicans?Florida Republicans do not support a deport-only plan.,58% want a plan to citizenship. McCain won the Hispanic vote going away. It's all about the hate rhetoric. 

The Dem's will finally have a one on one debate  between Hillary & Obama.. So,far I favor Hillary's health care plan over Obamas but I trust Obama to get our troops out of Iraq more I do Hillary, because she came to the table at a much later date. Bill Clinton will remain in the shadows ,because Hillary will not need help to win in California or New York.