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The recent issue of Times had an interesting article titled “The New Patriotism” by Richard Stengel.  The author said patriotism has always been the most abstract of American values.  Conservatives and liberals have been arguing the definition of patriotism for years, even in our local forum.  Republicans say that they hold that mantel; accusing the Democrats of being ashamed of America.  Democrats say Republicans wrap themselves around the flag and prevent America from living up to its ideals.  Of course both sides exaggerate their stance.  We should accept our country's greatness, but we must realize what it takes to create and sustain greatness.  Torture, civil liberties, and habeas corpus come to mind.

The flag pin is considered to be symbolism by liberals, but that could be the difference between winning and losing an election.  Perception matters and conservatives know that.

The author went onto say, conservatives’ grade on a curb when it comes to evaluating America.  They know America has its faults, but they compare us to other nations, and they feel like we are the still the greatest.  Liberals like to accept the fault, correct, and become better for it.  Conservatives continue to follow the Reagan "Morning in America"  theme with the image of a paperboy running his route, the mother watching her daughter get married in church ,and  the elder gentleman hoisting up an American flag.  Liberals do not want America to rest on its laurels.

Liberals and conservatives look at handling terrorism differently. If some terrorist were to bomb the downtown Wells Fargo building, conservatives would be content to send them to Guantánamo Bay for indefinite harsh interrogation. Liberals have full confidence in our justice system.

Today's discussion is on the non-action of the Harris County grand jury against Joe Horn.  I believe Jonathan Turley of CNN had it right when he said “If you live in a rural area, you're likely to side with Joe Horn and against him, if you're from a big city.”  I was born and raised in continue to live in rural Victoria, but at heart; I'm a big city slicker.  In this issue, conservatives are usually pro-law enforcement, but are more self-reliant, when it comes to home intrusions.  They want to put the bad guy away. Liberals will dial 9-1-1.

I wonder if we will ever become,a give-and-take, or continue fighting the same old battles.