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You might come away with that assumption if you had watched any of the Sunday talk shows.  The John McCain campaign was in full force spreading the message “the surge worked." It started on Fox news Sunday, with Bill Kristol and Fred Barnes long range chastising of Barak Obama and the Democratic Party for waving the flag of surrender prematurely.  The two continued to praise John McCain for his call for more troops (surge) against the wishes of the administration and his own party.  They continued to exaggerate all the gains of the surge, as a reason for making John McCain.  Commander in chief.  Whoa, didn't John McCain support the initial evasion of Iraq?  The surge was a last-ditch effort to reduce the violence, so the central government could put together some kind of political resolution?  The surge was benefited when the Sunni decided to join forces to rid themselves of two enemies, the Shiite militia and Al Qaeda in Iraq.  A classic "the enemy of my enemy is my friend."  The article, "Ray of Hope" by Trudy Rubin in today's Advocate describes the way; Baghdad was stabilized.  Mara Liasson (NPR correspondent) told Fred Barnes, the Democrats will counter with "If the surge was a complete success lets start withdrawing and start reinforcing our troops in Afghanistan."  Fred Barnes said that the  oil-producing Iraq is so much better than Afghanistan, because Afghanistan is in the middle of nowhere. If we are going to colonize Iraq, then Mr. Barnes’s stupid response might have made some sense.  We need to stop the Talibans effort to regroup and overtake Afghanistan, because if we don't Al Qaeda (the ones that actually attacked us) will have another country for its base operations.  Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Michael Mullen said additional troops were needed in Afghanistan, but too many were tied down in Iraq to send more.

ABC Sunday with George Stephanopoulos had more of the same with Joe Lieberman repeating the same talking points, but he added the additional message of openness to an Israeli air strike on Iran.

The moderators did not ask, nor was the question of funding ever brought up.  The McCain surrogates were never asked about our overstretched military, the demand of more effort from the Iraqis, or the fact that we are using a new spy satellite to keep an eye on the Iraqi army, because we do not trust them.

Remember that "fool me once " ,because YESTERDAY  a new wave of attacks in Baghdad killed 16 and injured 15 ,even  thou Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said his government had defeated terrorism in Iraq. He wants us out of of Iraq so they can install his cabinet and renew his relations with Iran. Right now,we're the glue is told in all this together,but eventually we have to make a safe withdrawal,because we have commitments elsewhere. Al Qaeda is planning the next attack, without regard of our commitment to Iraq.  

The recent US Iraq security pact might have a UN mandate for a timetable for withdrawal.  After all, Iraq is a sovereign country. Or is it?

4114 American troops have been killed and 29,978 have been injured in this war of choice,with no end in sight.