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The two presidential candidates have been going back and forth with fruitless ideas to fix the economy for quite some time.  There is nothing the candidates can do about gas prices, Fannie and Freddie, or the GMC layoffs.  I know the economy is the number one issue, but long-term ideas are one thing, and short-term fixes are another, which only the market and Congress can straighten out.

Today, only 16% of Americans think the Iraq war is a significant issue.  Personally, I think the surge has lulled them to sleep.  Yesterday, Barack Obama surprised me with his with his plan for Iraq and Afghanistan.  He does not have to go to Iraq to talk to General Petraeus because he has great resources right here home like Colin Powell, General Clark, and Senators Chuck Hagel and Jack Reed.  His upcoming foreign policy tour will include Iraq where he will speak and listen to Ambassador Crocker, General Petraeus, other commanders, and Iraqi officials.  He then is able to weigh the pros and cons on the positions he holds today.

Barack Obams’s Plan

·         First he is making it perfectly clear.  Iraq is not the central front on fighting terrorism.

Al Qaeda is based in the Northwest region of Pakistan that borders Afghanistan.

·         He will begin a reasonable withdrawl from Iraq and put the burden on the Iraqis to secure the country.  Up to two brigades, a month.

·         The withdrawn troops will redeploy to Afghanistan where they are desperately needed.

·         As president he will make nuclear proliferation a priority, taking the loose nukes off the market.

·         He will take the extra step to restore our relations with our former terror fighting allies.

Recently, the numbers of casualties in Afghanistan have outnumbered the ones in Iraq.  This caused John McCain to see Obama's two brigades, and one up him, calling for three brigades to redeploy to Iraq.  Huge difference, John McCain has yet to say where he would get his troops from.  After all he does have a long-range commitment to Iraq.

Barack Obama’s foreign policy trip is not without risk.  Pay close attention to see how well he has been briefed, and his delivery. Every word will be scrutinized.

We are finally having the Iraq debate; we should've had before the invasion.