Blogs » Politcs Plus » Obama's 12000 mile journey: Fact-finding or photo op ?


Yesterday, John McCain's communication director told MSNBC that Obama’s trip was just a a campaign rally.  I guess that's what the GOP contenders thought when John McCain made a trip to Iraq during the campaign.

 Fact-finding or photo op; this trip will be huge, and with all three network anchors reporting and interviewing Barack Obama at each stop.  John McCain should have saved his Colombian trip, because no one will hear from him at home, during this time.

The pundits have already set up all different kinds of scenarios like the tug-of-war between the Palestinian leader and the Jewish leaders for Barack Obama’s attention.  They hinted that the German chancellor Angela Markel and France's President Nicholas Sarkozy would not be friendly to Obama, because of their alliance with Bush. Are you kidding me? They're still politicians. Pat Buchanan said Petraeus might take advantage of the situation, and hold a news conference, letting all know that a 16 month withdrawal would lose all our gains from the surge.  He may be a general, but I don't think he’s that bold.  It's not like he deviated from the administration talking points when he testified before Congress.

Quite naturally, the McCain camp will not like all the attention Obama will be getting.  Especially, if he draws large, approving, cheering crowds in Europe.  An enthusiastic military reception for Obama will not be to McCain’s liking.

I will tune in, because I will be anxious to see how Barack Obama performs on the world stage.  I hope he gives an evenhanded speech embracing them as an ally, but reminding them how our country stepped up for them in their time of need.  He must emphasize the need of the countries support in Afghanistan.

I understand Obama will be taking 300 advisers with him… It may indeed be in fact-finding trip