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According to a Fox poll 67% of Americans think the media is in the tank for Barack Obama.  The fact that all the major networks sent their anchors to cover the Obama trip just reinforced what the McCain camp and his followers thought all along.  John McCain's trip to Iraq was on military aircraft, and he did not invite the press, but don't let that the trivia change the facts for the Conservatives. Why would ABC stay back to cover John McCain, while its competitors are reaping the benefits of covering the Obama trip.  It's all about the profits.  John McCain should have just taken a hit, rest up and go after Obama when he came back. All the whining and nitpicking did not do his campaign any good.

It was really funny hearing that Senator Barack Obama had no business talking to 200,000 Germans.  How dare he.  Some conservative commentators compared it to a Hitler speech.  They failed to see the small American flags, the Germans were waving.  That was one of the intentions of the speech; unite with us Germany, together we can defeat our new enemy.  Where is the rule that states a senator running for the president of the United States cannot address people overseas giving them his vision, goals ,and ideas for what his presidency might look like?  Prior to going overseas, Barack Obama said we have only one president at a time.  I don't remember the mainstream media questioning John McCain right to speak in Canada, Colombia or Mexico.  The media wondered why he was wasting his time going there.

Mainstream media hates bad press, so I'm sure they're going to overcompensate by giving John McCain a lot more coverage.  That's fine, because a fair-minded person should have figured out that (a) Barack Obama is a new kid on the block, brings excitement, and gives an awesome speech (b) Well, John McCain is John McCain.

Barack was criticized for not visiting the troops in Germany.  McCain blasted him for it.

Today  itwas revealed that the Pentagon advised Obama not to go visit the troops in Germany,because it would be viewed as a campaign event.  He could've visited Landstuhl (regional medical center in western Germany)with his Senate staff, but not his campaign staff. McCain knows better ,because it happened to him.


I didn't think the speech was breathtaking, because I think he is saving that speech for the 75,000 people he will be addressing at the Democratic convention.