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Yesterday Scott McClellan (former press secretary for the Bush administration) told Chris Matthews (host of MSNBC “Hardball”) that the White House would routinely send talking points to Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh.  A lot of people would just shrug their shoulders, and say “I’m not surprised."  I usually need some sort of evidence, and now Scott McClellan has come forward.  During Scooter Libby trial, we learned that Cheney and Libby used Judith Miller (former columnist for the New York Times) to print propaganda in the lead up to the Iraq war.

Why is this important?  Two reasons (a) Fox is issued an FCC license and is against the law to use the medium to spread propaganda(b)I understand all news outlets would  love to get the first scoop,but  if that scoop continues to be lies, then that news outlet is a carrier of propaganda.  Fox News is a successful organization, because it has a lot of viewers.  A different slant on the news is perfectly normal, but to lie to your audience on purpose, is another.  I know, right leaning blogs like Drudge, Newsmax, and Towntalk provide talking points for many of the right wing talk shows, but that information is just slanted version of the facts.  The left-wing blogs do the same thing.  The administration should only give the news outlets their version of the facts or a no comment, but in no circumstances should they use a news outlet to spread propaganda.  That is against the law.  Yesterday, John McCain said the administration was telling the American people that we were winning in Iraq, but the facts on the ground showed they were lying.  Think back to envision O'Reilly and Hannity Rush Laura Ingram and others repeating the administration's talking points they were fed that morning.

It was hilarious watching Laura Ingram describe Obama’s European trip as something being directed by Steven Spielberg, then an hour later, hear Hannity use the same exact words to describe the trip. I guess it was a left-handed compliment.  At one point, Laura said the Socialist Germans loved Obama, because  he was one of them; in the very next sentence, she said.  Germany is conservative, because of Chancellor Merkel.  Can’t have it both ways are Laura.

It's a shame the mainstream media will not use Scott McClellan statements to expose Fox news and the willing participants, because it is presumed to be old news.  Everyone knows that. I guess the fact that it wrong and illegal does not matter.