Blogs » Politcs Plus » Will be vice presidential choice influence your vote?


It this 24/7 news cycle we live in, the pundits are making Obama's and McCain’s choice for vice president the story of the hour. Have you ever told yourself now that the candidate has chosen X, I am ready to vote for he/she for president?  I think the Democrats will vote for their own and the Republicans will do the same, it's those "I came make up my mind” Independents that might consider the vice president as a reason to cast their vote for that candidate. In McCain’s case, if he were to choose pro-choice Tom Ridge, I think the social conservatives would stay home.

Conventional wisdom tells us that candidate must first choose someone they are comfortable with, satisfy it’s needs like a state or excellent credentials in foreign or domestic matters.  They must do no harm.  Personally, I wish the candidates would let the public know the makeup of their cabinet prior to the election.  Now they would let the voters know exactly the direction the candidate wants to take this country. If the cabinet was filled with old hands, then it would be a status quo, if a mixture was used, then a message of diversity would be delivered, if it contained a lot of non-Washington types; the candidate wants to throw out the old and bring in the new.  The latter would never get below 55% in the risk factor.

The pundits have narrowed it down to Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia, Senators Evan Bayh and Joe Biden for the Democrats. Those same pundits think Obama will choose Tim Kaine, because he has supported Obama since the very start, he is 50 years old, not from Washington, Catholic, pro-gun ,pro-life, speaks fluent Spanish, and they think he can deliver Virginia.  On the Republican side, the short list has Mitt Romney, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, Washington insider Rob Portman and dark horse, former head of Homeland security Tom Ridge.  If it comes down to Pawlenty and Bayh, you want avoid that debate, unless you have trouble sleeping at night.  Now Biden and Romney would be worth watching.

I always hear the pundits say no one makes their choice based on the vice president.  I can see a scenario where the 18 million voters that voted for Hillary Clinton in the primaries, or the Ron Paul supporters being swayed’ if their first choice for president was on the ticket.  Like every presidential election, there are those that say they will vote for the lesser of the two evils, I disagree, and I think this presidential election will break all voting records.

I am very interested in what my fellow Victorians think.